How the Universe Works 3

This is your ultimate Guide to the Cosmos
9 + 1 one special x 60' for Discovery Science


  • Journey From The Center of the Sun
  • The End Of The Universe
  • Jupiter: Destroyer or Savior?
  • First Second Of The Big Bang
  • Is Saturn Alive?
  • Weapons Of Mass Extinction
  • Did A Black Hole Build The Milky Way
  • Our Voyage to the Stars
  • The Search For A Second Earth
  • Alien Planet Earths

How is the Universe put together? And how does it actually work? HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS III continues to show as never before the inner workings of our planet, the Solar System, the galaxies and the Universe itself…

Our cosmos is a fascinating place. And in fact - it's an extremely unlikely place too. The odds against it being the way it is are pretty enormous. If the Earth was a bit further away from the Sun, we wouldn't be here. If the Moon didn't exist, we wouldn't be here either. If there was just a fraction more anti-matter in the universe - the whole thing would just collapse…

This blue-chip new series explore a whole range of fascinating celestial phenomena and how they came to be the way they are.
With eye-popping CGI and a cast of engaging experts, HOW THE UNIVERSE WORKS III looks under the celestial hood to tell the greatest story of all - the story of where we and everything else came from.

This is your ultimate Guide to the Cosmos.

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