Secrets of the Superfactories

We are on the verge of another, even more powerful Industrial Revolution, as factories become bigger and busier, smarter and ever more high-tech and digitally connected –welcome to the 21st Century superfactory, where our world is made. This fast-paced and fact-filled series lifts the lid on production at these superfactories, and explores how everything from everyday product to iconic design is made, and takes viewers into the hidden world of the hyper-efficient and flexible factories of the future. Superfactories pinpoints the great breakthroughs that have revolutionised manufacturing processes and look at the leaps forward in technology that are now underway with breathtaking advances from 3D printing and advanced robotics, to artificial intelligence, wearable devices, and virtual and augmented reality. The new superfactories are transforming the world we live in and the products that are part of everyday life.
8 x 60' for Science Channel and More4

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