Your Face Says It All

3 x 60' for Channel 4 View more about this production

Life Before Birth / In the Womb

1 x 100' for National Geographic Channel, Channel 4, National Geographic International and Channel 4 International View more about this production

How the Universe Works 5

8 x 60' for Science Channel View more about this production

Bloody Queens: Elizabeth and Mary

1 x 60' for BBC2 View more about this production

Charlie Head Standing up for the Amazon

1 x 60' for Red Bull View more about this production

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Pioneer Productions is one of the UK's most successful independent production companies. We have an outstanding reputation for producing innovative, high quality, popular programmes for both the UK and US markets, with industry leading expertise in science and history. Our investment in nurturing creative and editorial skills means the company continues to attract the leading on- and off-screen talent. Our passion is to tell factual stories in new and thrilling ways.

Pioneer Productions is prolific across a broad range of programme genres including history, science, drama-docs, engineering and adventure. The company has made over 700 hours of programming, sold in over 60 countries worldwide. Our critically-acclaimed productions have gained both audiences and awards. Pioneer's clients include Discovery Channel, PBS, National Geographic Channel, History, ABC, TLC, Discovery Canada, WGBH, WNET, Discovery Europe, Travel Channel, HGTV, and in the UK, Channel 4, Channel 5, the BBC, and ITV.

For millennia our solar system was the only one we knew, but all that has changed with scientists discovering more…